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Crazy cranky
The Rage
Seeing as I am hesitant to really say I "hate" anything, we'll call this a list of things that greatly upset my inner sense of peace:

1. Cigarette smokers who toss their butts anywhere once they have finished. Does smoking give you license to be a littering asshole as well?
2. People on the bus who sit in the aisle seat when no one is in the window seat next to them.
3. Salespeople. Particularly corporate salepeople. Not the small store salepeople or the like. The guys (and gals) who make a living selling your work to other people. I know, I know, it's probably a necessity in a modern economy. But damn they irk me.
4. Incompetant managers. I'm sorry, but if you're gonna be in charge of me, I expect you to be more knowledgable than I am as far as the job goes. Otherwise, what's the point?

So I guess it's really a list of people and people-related actions. And I'm sure that all cigarette smokers, aisle-sitters, salespeople and managers who can read this are gonna assume that I hate them. Which I don't. I speak in generalizations. Usually it's the bigger flames that burn the hottest.

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Eep. I really hope I'm not the incompetent manager here. I think I've done a pretty good job managing....

No, you're not the incompetent manager in the least. But you are still my manager... Right? Maybe?

On coding projects, absolutely! On imaging (scanning) projects, if I'm there, I'll help figure things out if I can, and if I'm not, well, be brave!

Looks like there probably won't be coding work this weekend after all.

almost as bad as the isle sitters are the window sitters with too much stuff that croud your space.
Or the smelly people who smoke and havnt showered in like 3 days. Nothing worse than stale cigs and B.O.!

All of my current managers feel that I hate them.
I walk into the office and give only brief answers to their superficial attempts to ask me about my day.
I am jovial and quiet talkative with my coworkers, but when I am alone in a room with my managers there is nothing but silence.
Many of my problems with my managers begin and end with what you said.
I expect direct answers to questions I have about my job, concrete directions, and individuals who don't blindly follow orders from their superiors without first asking questions.

Somehow, in many cases, individuals with poor people skills and blind obedience tend to find themselves in positions of authority. So perhaps it isn't managers but those above managers who seek to secure their positions by creating a buffer zone between them and the lower levels.

i ain't feelig the lovvvveee here, zach. as a sales associate, i ain't feelin' it at alllllll.:)

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