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The Gay Choreographer
The Cardinal
I dreamt last night of Fiddler on the Roof; more specifically, I dreamt of De La Salle's upcoming production, the dance scene of "To Life" and some choreography. Choreography which I have not yet come up with, and yet was really quite good.

This means I can honestly put some choreography in the show and say "It came to me in a dream!"

Oh boy, now if that's not gay...

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Jazz hands and russian dancing. Least, that's all I recall of my high school's version of "Fiddler." Oh, and itchy, obviously fake beards that I wore as a mullet half the time for kicks.

I've been told that the previous choreographer of the past 3 years was a little 'jazz hands' happy. Nearly every group I auditioned made mention of the fact that I wasn't teaching them any jazz hands.

heh. I have used that phrase before.
Perhaps it is gay...but I like to feel that it is a message or an unblocking of an idea that was prevented from coming out.

I think it's mainly that it was a dream about dancing. If it was like that old story of the double helix shape of DNA 'coming in a dream', then it would be much, much less gay.

Did you remember to write it down or sketch it out or in some way record it when you wake up? That's the worst for me - I have these fantastic ideas in my dreams and then wake up and - *POOF!* - they're gone in 5 minutes.

I think I was tricked by my dream into believing there was more there than in actuality. (Funny to talk about actuality in discussing a dream) It was like my dream said "You are looking at really good choreography for this entire number" and now, two days later, I'm thinking I really don't think I saw anything that good, I was just convinced I had

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