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Bullet Point Update
- The version of Netscape I updated to decides to crash whenever I try to post to LJ, so I may need to look for ways around that.

- I voted today. Yee-ha! Those "I voted" stickers are hella sexy.

- Twice at the polling place, I was mistaken for a female. How short do I have to cut my hair, people?

- My 6-month+ assignment as Aspen ended on Friday, and my week-long stint at the Guthrie ended Sunday, so I am currently only very partially employed at the Jeune Lune.

- I went to the ER yesterday morning for what turned out to be the very bad stomach flu that's been going on. Whatever they gave me, it stopped the "8 out of 10" pain and the vomitting, now its just a clear liquid diet for a few days.

- The Boy has fallen in love with one of the dogs at Homeward Bound of Minnesota Specifically, the chihuahua/shih tzu cross named Charlie. The Nomad was right to be surprised that I was the one holding us back from getting dogs. I expected myself to be all gung-ho about it. Instead, I'm playing the tentative and the apprehensive one.

- In organizing my computer pics today, I stumbled across ones of my god-daughter, and made myself a new icon. Chances are good I will see her tomorrow.

- I want a new video game, but the unemployment issue tips my scales in favor of waiting. Particularly after that ER visit.

- 4 more days, people!

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ohhhhhhh, Charlie is a looker!

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