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My dinner tonight looks like it will be me and a box of Nilla wafers. Mainly because:

1. There aren't enough groceries in the house, caused by:
a. My lack of a car
b. My lack of funds
2. The stove and oven never started working again after we disconnected for the flooring guys and reconnected afterwards.
3. I'm a lazy bastard

Maybe if I get the water running really, really hot, I can get something that passes for a cup of tea.

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Sounds like your pilot is out.

Here's where I show my ignorance... is there a pilot light in the stove or just the furnace?

Also, there's no 'gas' sound when we turn the knobs like there was before.

Yes, there's a pilot light on your stove, too. Sometimes there are even two. You can usually (with a little effort) open the whole top of the range and look underneath to find it.

I don't know about the lack of a gas sound. My expertise has run dry.

Also, how about because you are now taking the prerogative you always wanted when you were a kid, to have cookies for dinner?

Re: Don't forget #4!

My gods! I can do that now, can't I? I can say, "I'm having cookies for dinner" and I don't have to feel guilty! I always forget that I'm an adult in charge of my own life. Things like making dinner at midnight or putting the spoons with the mugs instead of the rest of the silverwear... these things still thirll me.

mmm... chai and nilla wafers...

Too much to say for fragile words such as mine.

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