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Muted Real
I have to say I'm totally overwhelmed by how much work goes into owning a place. Not that I thought it would all be concierges and heated bathroom floors, mind you. But still... whew!

The major move went well, mainly because the whole immediate Richardson Clan descended down to assist us. Still got lots of little stuff at the apartment, still a lot of boxes in the town home, and we are going to have to work our asses off to make sure that the basement room doesn't just become a junk room. It's home now, though. Spent the last two nights there. It's my immediate destination from work, it's where the night ends, it's where the PS2 is.

My parents left for a week in Chicago, and asked me to drop them off at the train station yesterday, pick them up at the airport Saturday, and generally check in on their place a few times this week. In return, I get the van. That makes everything even stranger, as I go months to a year without getting behind a wheel even for a day. Oh well, makes the morning commute hella easy.

We are thinking early November for a big party.