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Small Update
The Dime
Spent all weekend at the townhome... just like last weekend, most weekday nights last week, most weekday nights this week, and a large chunk of next weekend. And then, of course, come Sunday of next week, we make the life shift: Bed, TV, PS2 and computes. (Cause really, that's what defines a home.)

A quick rundown of the painting:

Primed all main floor walls san kitchen
Double-primed all ceilings main floor and upstairs, sans kitchen and bathroom.
Primed all upstairs rooms sans bathroom.
Two coats of Terracotta Tile on the large walls of main floor.
Two coats of Spiced Rum on the small walls of main floor.
One coat of Whipple Blue in bedroom.
One coat of Light Toast in upstairs hallway.
One coat of Lush Veranda in the "green room".

Painting is winding down to a close.