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The Dime
As of the moment, my e-mail addresses are still kaput. And most of my waking hours are spent over at the townhome. So the best way to get in contact with me, if you should need to do so, is to call me. If you don't have my number, I'm sure you know someone who does.

Oh yeah, mother-fuckers. Over at MY townhome. Er, ours...

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Congrats on your new home. I am sure I probably have said it before. So, I am taking the time to say it now :D
Post pics. You have a digital camera and the internet, I'm sure, has a wealth of places to host pics...or you could do it the old fashion way and email them to me! Haha...perhaps old fashion isn't quite appropriate when talking about email, but you get my point!

My pics never do anything justice. It's a machine to me, not yet an artist's tool.

I have been having a hard time adjusting to the world of digital photography.
Something odd about having pics that can come and go at a push of the button.
Also, I guess I don't much care for images that can be altered over tangible ones.

let me know when they're orking again! i have a couple emails i've been trying to send you :).

Sadly, it seems the one account i was sure would be stable for years to come has indeed been deleted... *le sigh*

I am so wise...

I told you that you should have got a gmail account.

Re: I am so wise...

You just love being the older, wiser male, don't you?

Re: I am so wise...

hey bro! I can give you a free email address through my website if you would like. I am beginning to switch over to it instead of the mn.rr.com seeing that mom and dad no longer have Time Warner. Let me know if you want one, I get 3300 emails free and only have used 3 so far ;)

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