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So I'm trying one last time
The Dime
We need the Dead to Dance!!!

We are looking for dancers, movers (and quite possibly shakers as well) to portray images of the dead for an upcoming performance of a piece entitled “Last Words”, written by Cole Sarar and to be performed at the Center for Independent Artists on Thursday, September 21st. We need people comfortable with their bodies who are able to bring ‘life’ to a group of fatalities from the destruction of an inner city high rise. You don’t need to have years of dance training, just a familiarity with what your body can do, and a good attitude about ‘the dead’. Comfort with some speaking lines a plus!

Auditions will be held this Saturday, August 26th, from 10am until noon at CIA (located at the corner of 42nd and Bloomington in South Minneapolis). The auditions will be short, learning a simple phrase and perhaps some minimal improv.

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She's getting performed. Cool.

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