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The Dime
Make use of this phrase:

the kitchen synch

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I'm not really sure why you say that.

perhaps cause it was.

Just a thought ;-)

"Hello, Smart Kitchen Solutions? I'm having a problem with the kitchen synch. It's not reading the proper amount of milk left, and it's missed the count on the eggs by 4 each time. Could you send someone down to take a look at the system? Thank you."

The young couple ran into each other in the pantry with armfuls of leeks and orchids, all breathless, hurried, and out of the kitchen synch.

Damn, I didn't think I'd get responses this intriguingly beautiful!

It was the first time she'd tried to make crepes. She knew about them, had seem them in the streets in Paris that summer, and wanted badly to be the kind of woman who made crepes at the weekend. She collected everything she needed: a whisk, a bowl, eggs, flour, milk, a crepe pan (specially bought at Marks and Spencer for the occasion), and a tablespoon. The first crepe was a mess. That was ok. All the books said it was supposed to be. But so was the second one. And the third. And the twelfth. It was all in the timing, which she couldn't seem to get right. Somewhere between turning away from the stove to whisk the batter that was left over and peeling the frilly things out of the smoking pan with a fork, she was losing all of them. She checked and rechecked her ingredients, but she was missing nothing, and following all the instructions. Through no fault of her own, she had everything but the kitchen synch.

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