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Unable to stomach
The Baldwin Sister
I didn't bring a book with me to the show last night, nor did I haul out my latest notebook, because I didn't want to get too caught up in what I was doing that I lost my place. But during a few down moments, I did flip through an issue of some grocery-checkout-line magazine. (I think it was In Touch) Amulet had told me that if you work in wardrobe, you just end up reading those magazines, and it was frightening to learn that she was more aware of pop culture than I. Not a big thing to do, objectively, but this is hippie-granola wardrobe lady!

So last night I tried reading it, just to amuse my brain. I couldn't take it. Couldn't handle a single article. It was so innane, so pointless and poorly put together. It completely lacked substance, and I was apalled to learn that people are hired just to make snippy comments on what celebrities are wearing. All this I knew, off-handedly, before. But to be actually confronted by it? I had to put the magazine away. It was just awful, plain and simple. I cannot recall ever putting something way because it was just too horrendous on every single level. It offended me.