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The Rage
I want to say it was just the wrong thing to say, a slip between mouth and brain, that landed wrong and soured my day. Unfortunately, that's not the case at all. I'm pretty damn sick of Princess Wannabe. It's all in the nuances, so it's hard to go into here, but I'm sick of baby-sitting her casual friendship with nothing in exchange. I heard all about her trouble group at school, her on-going boy troubles, her search for a new apartment (during which, may I add, I constantly was asked for advice on neighborhoods, appearances, traffic, outcomes)

I haven't said much about moving at work. I'm not hiding it, just not announcing it either. I was asked today, so I said honestly that I was moving, and to what neighborhood.

First thing out of her mouth: "Where's that?"
Second thing out of her mouth: "Oh, that's a bad neighborhood!"

Wrong thing to say, bitch. Wrong thing to say Miss "My parents won't let me get a place that makes me park on the street". Miss "I work so hard, but I leave up to an hour early most days and I'm buying myself a horse as a graduation present to myself".

Some people are just better left casual. Let's talk what we did for the weekend, what we want for lunch, how much we want to leave. Anything more personal than that, and I'm only going to get angrier.