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Steps to owning a townhome
Muted Real
1. Find a place and put in an offer.
2. Have offer accepted.
3. Schedule an inspection within 5 days of acceptance.
4. Close.
5. Repaint walls.
6. New flooring.
7. Move in and have one hell of a party.

So... yeah. They accepted our offer.

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Yay! I'd like to see you before I go, and if I see your new place, too, that's awesome.

See e-mail of just-sentitude.

Yay! Hurry up and get to step 7.

Step 7 will probably sometime in October, just because of the way these things go. But our plans are to forego our normal "small, intimate gathering of friends" and invite every person we know.

Well, you've got a house to show off now!

Yay on the new place! I am glad they accepted the offer. Good luck with the rest of the steps!

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