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Morning list for the world
Staring Forward
Two random greviences for the world at large, having nothing to do with this morning:

1. Let's stop over-using the phrase "the age-old-question", yes? Not everything is a question that the ancients were asking, especially if it's "What do I do with my cell phone while driving?"

2. The 10-key pad and the keypad on phones are not the same. The numbers are flipped over the 4-5-6 line. As a 10-key Queen, this frustrates me greatly, adding to my dislike of the phone.

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Just noticed the computer keypad thing, mainly because I NEVER use it. Guess having a legally blind teacher for typing class doesn't help my keypad skills. Another thing, I come home on the 4th, heading up to the cabin until that monday (which I hear you will be joining us, excellent, now get Andy up there as well), then I have a week until I come back We must make time to go to this "Melting Pot" I have being hearing so much plan accordingly.

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