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Does anyone know of a place in Minneapolis or the surrounding area that recycles brown paper bags? We have far too many of them, and my green-hippie heart just won't let me throw them away.

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Hampden Park Coop (on Raymond in St. Anthony Park) takes them for reuse - it's a byob store.

We always end up using ours - or just recycle them with the paper products.


good information about differnet places that drop off all sorts of recycling in the twin cities. i just used it today!

In Mpls...

You can just put them in the same recycling container that you would put newspaper and office paper.

So if we have a big bin for newspaper, we can just drop them off in there?

Don't take this the wrong way, but even though I know very well that it isn't, that icon always makes me think of Lavinia in the movie version of Titus Andronicus that came out a few years back. And, unfortunately, it's in the scene where her hands and tongue are cut off. It's very disturbing.

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