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The Cardinal
I was with my boyfriend's extended family for 4th of July, and ended up spending most of my time with the childlings (8 months - 6 years old). One youngling in particular took a liking to showing me around his world. Together, this five-year-old boy and I went on a quest in the immense backyard of a home in Rogers, Minnesota.

He was Grasshopper Boy, the apprentice to the Wizard Whitebeard. We crossed a desolate field in search of the Great Old Tree, being wary of landmines and salamanders. Thousands of tiny grasshoppers leapt out of our way as we circled a sandy four-wheeler track, but it was okay, he said, because they were his friends. Along the first leg of this journey, we collected some plants that would aid us, but were sure to leave certain types that others would need later. Finally we came to the Great Old Tree, and the Tree showed us where the fire beetles lived. We took some branches from the Tree and set out again, this time to find the Great Old Bush.

On our way back, he sensed werewolves on our heels. He quickly told me to toss the bits of branches behind me; they were a werewolf's favorite food and would slow the beasts down. We grabbed two sun-bleached branches to replace the ones we'd tossed and set out again. He tried to take a short cut across the field, but army ant hills were in the way.

It was then, as we crawled around the greenhouses, that he told me of the Shan-go-na, our ultimate goal. These were sacred objects we had to collect before they were stolen by Jack Spicer. Fortunately, Grasshopper boy already had the Serpent's Tail and the Black Beatle. We had to find others, though, in order to banish the wicked Jack Spicer, who was "a destiny. And destinies can never die."

The Black Beatle could grow from a marble-sized statue into a huge beatle, and carried us part of the way. But then we saw the mechanical traps Jack Spicer had put out to catch us, and had to be tricky. The path to the Great Old Bush was blocked by poison plants, and Jack Spicer was hiding among them. He was immune to all poisons. We decided to forgo the Great Old Bush, and instead to talk to the Foam Eagles. The detour took us through the territory of the army ants again, but eventually we found their home, where they granted us small gifts of dried earth. We then ran quickly back to our home base.

We hadn't gotten the final Shan-go-na, the Golden Tiger's Claw, but the items we had gathered on our way helped us still. We combined they together to make two Shan-go-na spears, which we quickly brought to the Indian Hide-out. Only Grasshopper Boy could get in to space the spears, though, for Butterfly Man was too big. Upon placing the spears in the Hide-out, Jack Spicer was banished for a time, and his poison booby traps began to fade. To celebrate, Grasshopper Boy told his companion that both should draw their symbols in the sand of the Road of Cron, which then lead them home.

I may have cleaned up the details a wee bit for this re-telling, but all of it came from his mind. It was thrilling and amazing to be out there in the Dreaming with him.

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Kids are awesome. If only more people took the time to enter into their worlds. What an awesome Journey you got to go on.

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