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Better Late than Never
The Dime
Elaina with Daddy
Elaina with Mommy
Elaina yawning
Elaina with Andy (a personal favorite)
Katie, Dennis and Elaina
Katie, Dennis and Elaina again

She's got a touch of the jaundice to get over at the moment, but she's still incredible. She can give you this amazing furrowed brow look that just let's you know she's not amused at all. Also, as the Boy and I discussed last night, one of the reasons it's so hard to process that Katie has a baby is the fact that she hasn't changed at all. She's the exact same as before, except with a beautiful infant daughter.

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Because I am slow...I was like...whoa, zach's parents are hella young.
Then my brain clicked back into gear and I signed out of LJ to hide my shame.

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