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Mightier minds than me
Can logic defend itself, or merely sustain itself?

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In a colloquial sense (which is the only sense that the majority of humans on Earth care about), it can not defend itself. You can thank Mr. Kurt Gödel for that delicious fact. Logic is a tool of thought that can be used to show how certain facts flow necessarily from other facts that are accepted as true (axioms). There may be some people who will dislike my sloppiness, but I'll give them that error as a headstart.

Thanks for a name! It's a good place to start looking.

My thought developed while reading The Trial of God by Elie Weisel. The Devil defends God with logic, courtroom thought, and extreme piety. The prosecutor hates God with passion and gut-reactions. Putting the two side-by-side, it just felt like logic could rule in its own little world, but couldn't step outside the box of its own axioms. Question the axioms (or even just their validity), and then what?

ask rick. he knows all.

And what he doesn't know, I'm sure he's willing to go into the bathroom to find out for us.

grah. fuckin' rick. he does this just to squig me out.>:(

and mortify me. *sighs extravagantly*

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