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The Baldwin Sister
The Boy bought a book entitled Sextrology, and I've been highly entertained by it. Like tarot, I am wary of saying "I believe" when it comes to astrology, but I devore the information all the same; they are tools of psychology and self. This book naturally delves into the world of sexuality and astrology, which is a little informative and mostly just fun. What would I be into if I were born four hours later, female, and lesbo-tastic?

One of the more interesting, non-sexual bits of information really held my attention. The authors connected each sign of the zodiac to a section of the Old Testament. Gemini was associated with the eating of the forbidden fruit, the expulsion from Eden, the strife of Cain and Abel. It told me that Geminis fear death above all, because we ate the fruit.

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Me next, me next....

What part of the bible is the sign Taurus attached to? What does that mean?

Re: Me next, me next....

Taurus is connected with the paradise of Eden, the time before the fall. It represents a kind of innocense, and is very wrapped up in Edenic Adam, a being only partly aware of a sense of 'otherness' to his mate; this means that Taurean males often cannot distinguish between their needs and the needs of their partners. There's a passivity to female forces, a lack of aware towards typical gender roles, an appreciation of the 'pastoral'.

Apparently, you've also got boyishly good skin, a smooth, flawless body, and huge genatalia.

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