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It may not have been sheven...
Yesterday was the Nomad's 21st birthday. My little brother can legally drink. As mind-blowing as that was, some how we all managed to move past that and celebrate highly.

My parents took the two of us, plus our sigo's, to the Capital Grille for dinner. Oh what a dinner it was! I tried to keep my eye in my head when looking at the prices, but it was hard. We drank, we ate astonishing good food, we toasted my brother and he opened gifts. It was family, and it was good. I by no means want to put pressure on his girlfriend, but it felt to me like my immediate family was complete. The six of us make a good little clan.

And then, afterwards... oh boy. What's a 21st birthday without some bar drinking. We went to Chiang Mai Thai... it was relaxed and quiet for a Saturday night (as it usually is). We all had a drink a piece, slowly, leisurely. Then we parked ourselves in a booth at Aura, some new places in a slot of Calhoun Square. No drinks there, just a total of 17 shots between us all. The damage: Surfers on Acid, Red-headed Sluts, Killer Kool-aids, Jolly Ranchers, Washington Apples for the group. A shot of Jag and a shot of "Chocolate Cake" for the b-day boy. The waitress kept our water glasses full, though, so I at least don't feel all that shitty this morning.

As always in these past few years, time with my brother is time well spent. There's so much more going on there, so much that's just taken for granted because there's the same blood. I'm sad he's only around for two weeks this summer.