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And unexpectedly...
The Dime
Plans with friends to go see In the Heart of the Beast's Mayday parade evolved into actually marching in the parade. We were with a group that had something to do with grass and holding hands, I think? I loved the fact that I wasn't even sure what I was marching for, but I carried a banner that read "All may Learn", and occasionally reached out to people on the sides of the street to form a human link from one side to the other. And people cheered, and laughed and danced, and cried "Happy May Day", and it was good. The crowd was huge and the people were so wildly varied. (And lots of hot 'alternative' guys too.) It just made me happy to be doing it, to walking outside of the box that is my apartment and partaking of the world.

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Ack! I didn't even see you!

It's ok. I didn't see you either. ;) If you saw some weirdos who would occasionally stop and hold hands, that was us.

No, I saw the grasses, for sure. It was kind of neat to see you all sway together.

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