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Thinking outside of the box
Things are going well at my new job. I'm meeting and occasionally exceeding their expectations. Strangely enough, my first task of the day is one I sorta enjoy... it's the perfect mix of mindless and mindful. It doesn't take me all day, though, and until they start training me in on more tasks, my afternoons will continue to be a little hodge-podge and boring. Keep me busy and the days will fly by.

Another thing I shouldn't complain about, but will anyway, is the location. We're off in some industrial corner of the city, and no matter how modern and sleek the office is, I cannot shake the awareness of where I am. In the middle of nowhere. A place I actually walked through 4 years ago when I took the wrong bus from the Asters and hiked through forbidden streets and eventually onto 280. The only walkable place of note would be Subway. It makes me feel isolated, and a lot further from home than I actually am.

Finally, an hour for lunch? Why the hell do I need that? Oh, that's right, because I'm required to be there from 8 until 5. I do not like that part.

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I wish I got an hour for lunch. Any time spent away from the evil boss is good time

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