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The 6 is like my own heartbeat, lately, and I've come to greatly love it. The 4 is clearly related to the 6, and I'm sure to get to know it better if we get the condo. The 21 still has a warm place in my heart, although I love its cousin the express 53. The 16 recounts distant memories, and I feel like I should honor it for those, though truth me told it carried more promise than substance. The 12 seemed like it would be a godsend, picking me up half a block from home and dropping me off right in front of Stages, back when I worked there; despite that, we never got along very well. Something about the middle of nowhere that was Hopkins. I don't care for the 5 at all. It takes me through too many unpleasant places of mind before getting to the familiar ground of my parents' house, a final destination made odd by the journey.

Today I met the 3 (with somewhat disastrous results) and the 114, a creature I've spotted in the distance many a time but only now have encountered first hand. Combined with trusty 6, we'll all be working closely together for the next few months. The 3 may prove a strong friend, once I've figured it out a little more; it was the 114 that made my heart beat a little faster, though. Slick and smooth, moving out of the UoM bridge and straight to Uptown Hennepin. A quick tryst that left me satisfied and blushing a little bit.

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That was HOTTT. Love the buses, baby... ;)

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