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How to make your Own Original Sci-Fi Picture
The Rage
1. Select an animal with a recognizable name. Congratulations! This is both your antagonist, and your title. (Bonus points for mythological or extinct creatures)

2. Give your animal some kind of 'twist' - metal teeth, alien possesion, venomous genitalia. Remember: Nothing is too ridiculous.

3. Give your new, vicious creature a reason for destroying humanity. If you can't think of one, it's okay. You can always insert it halfway, or even right before the end. Still stuck? Rehash from the last episode of the New Justice League.

4. Have a hot babe and a quirky scientist fight to save us all. The two must either have a past romantic relationship or develop one throughout the movie. Bonus points for both!

5. Kill the creature at the last moment to save humanity. But be sure to leave room for a sequel!

6. Slap a "Sci-fi Original" tag on it. Good job! Go touch yourself.

Oh lords, how bitter I've become.

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Recently see 'Mammoth' did we?

Mammoth, Minotaur, Larva, Rotweiler, Sabretooth, Chupacabra Need I go on?

The sad part is, I saw an article a while back saying this is the tactic that has helped increase their Neilsen ratings for Saturday nights. Catches that frat boy crowd or something, I dunno.

Write It....

Write it! Email it to me, and I will shop it around LA for you, you will be a millionaire!

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