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Somethings not quite right
Sluagh Rock
I don't know how many of you have watched the web animation Salad Fingers. I, for one, am a little bit confused. I read a synopsis of it online, and I thought it would be grossly disturbing; to the point where I would feel icky all day. Then I watched a few of them, and I'm not quite sure how I feel. The overall feel of this 'world' being created by the author and character is odd and perverse most of the time, but is interjected with such odd moments of humor. It's the kind of humor that almost takes me out of the world that was created. I'm not sure if the jokes/out-of-place scenes break apart the coherency of the whole work, or if they keep it from being incredibly too dark and disturbing.

Either way, I'm pretty sure it's not ok stuff for a preteen to be watching, from whom I first heard about it.

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I first heard about it from Dietr. Who is much like a preteen.

Did you watch any of it? What did you think?

Both disturbing and charming. I told Dietr that he was trying to give me nightmares. Mostly it made me slightly disturbed.

I love Salad Fingers. It's pretty disturbing (as are his other works) but if you take it all in the context of the world he created, it kinda seems normal.

But you should check out the spoof Banana Fingers.

I guess for me the world he created was pretty coherent, which I can appreciate, except for glaring moments that just didn't seem to work in that world. When it because absurdist humor instead of dark and disturbing. The two of those together didn't work for me.

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