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Seconds stop
Muted Real
I cannot fathom how long today will feel.

Tomorrow, the job I interviewed for will make their decision. It would be a long term assignment until at least the end of the Summer, possibly longer, at a very decent pay. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, our realtor will be dropping off a Purchase Agreement for the two of us to sign. We're making an offer. It's a 2-bedroom condo in the Wedge. After we sign the Agreement and send it back to our realtor, it becomes very, very real. We could be owning our own place by the middle of this summer. Tomorrow.

I have no clue how I'm going to make it through today.

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And terrifying. And mature. And promising. And scary. And everything. Oh gods, what are we doing?

Getting a place of your own like cool, independent, grown-up people do?

Seriously, I'm a teeny weeny bit jealous.

Good Luck yo!
I assume of course that my return (likely, though date is still undetermined) will get me an invite with directions :-D

It's actually about 10 blocks from where we live currently, provided of course you can still remember where that is. ;)

Haha! Of course I remember!
And I can't wait to take the Bus with Bus Lady so that I can venture back to your stomping grounds o(^_^)o

Egads! You're acting like a real grown-up type person!

(Way to fool the world, dude!)

I know! I've got to protect my fragile psyche from identifying too much with the lie. Otherwise, I could be an adult... FOREVER

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