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The Dime
Strange that after posting about needing to 'give back' to the world at large, the Sierra Club shows up at my door, asking for donations. Strapped for cash, I couldn't give them much, but I figured $10 was better than nothing.

The stranger thing is that it's taken me up until now to make the connection between the two.

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It happens that way sometimes.

It's not so strange. I mean, really, who honestly believed that the Sierra Club was well-enough organized to search blogs to find likely marks--er, donors?

Well that adds a nice, healthy layer of paranoia.... *shivers* They're watching me!

I had a dream that I was in one of your stories. Funny thing was, it continued on past where your story ends.

Was it a particular story, or just the dream essence of one?

It started out in Eve--not like I was a character, or anything. It went through the entire story, then it continued on for a long time. It had something to do with dreamtime. I remember thinking--that was an interesting direction to take the story. But of course now I don't remember it.

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