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Attention Theater peoples!
The Dime
I am very close friends with 3 freelance theater artists who worked with the Rosetown Players on their latest production; one was director, one was set designer, and the third was props designer. Each one experienced extremely unprofessional conduct from the supporting staff of the Rosetown Players. Each feels, to differing degrees, disrespected as theater artists. This is not a small, budding theater company that is just finding its way around things; they put on a very professional air for each of them at the onset.

I wish to warn those who are freelancing theater people in the Twin Cities to NOT work with the Rosetown Players, not only on behalf of the experiences of my friends, but also for your own sake. Please keep this in mind and spread the word if the situation comes up. I feel very strongly upset about the treatment my friends and fellow theater artists received, and this seems the most mature, professional way to deal with that.

If you have worked with Rosetown Players, or know someone who has, and the experience has been wildly different, then by all means disregard this message. I recognize that it is based solely on the experiences of other people, not myself. (Although all three being unhappy with it seems like no coincidence.)

Thank you very much.


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