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The Dime
For so long, I've wanted to be stained-glass tragic, and have someone to tell me I am beautiful when I'm dark.

Fuck it all, I think I'm beautiful when I'm dark. I don't care if pride shows through my worn seams at that. I don't need someone to whisper fearfully that I am never so essential as when I am shaded. The only words that ever reach back to me and seize me by the throat are those that celebrate my shadow.

Why has it taken so long to love myself for this?

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My engines are far from electric. I power myself on the decay of imaginary particles.

Dipping my fingers into Pandora's Box, the last thing I expected to find was so much anger.

You think there was no one saying these things? Did you never hear?

We told you in a thousand small ways.

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.
--- Vincent Van Gogh

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