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Points! Of! Interest!
The Dime
- This Saturday's midnight showing at the Uptown Theatre is Requiem for a Dream. The Boy and I plan on attending, and I just wanted to let the word out among all of you, in case that's something you're interested in.

- I was informed that two acquaintences of mine (who are much closer to my Boy) have decided that I look "cuter" in natural colored hair, as opposed to something more "punky". While that doesn't necessarily mean they think I don't look good in odd colors, it certainly feels that way.

- Has anyone (bio majors in particular) read anything concerning "spontaneous division of the ovum in human beings"? A book I'm reading right now claims that there is 'current' research (circa 1976) pointing to such virgin births occuring as often as twins. The only footnote on it said the info came from Andrea Dworkin Woman Hating which quoted Robert T. Francoeur, Utopian Motherhood: New Trends in Human Reproduction.

- Also, anyone know if the ground is still frozen?

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That's one really good movie that I never want to see again. Ever.

Yes, the groud should still be frozen, generally until late April. Do you people you need to bury? Because there are other ways around that.

Nope, no bodies. At least, not this time...

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