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I thought it had been a dream
The Dime
There's blood in the hallway outside our apartment. I heard it last night, the screaming, the pounding, the woman's accusations, the eventual arrival of the police. This morning, it was easy to dismiss it as a dream, especially since The Boy didn't even wake up during it. But the blood is pretty real, and after a call to the building manager, it was confirmed.

It's odd knowing it happened. It's odder still that the blood starts right outside our door and goes to the stairwell.

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What happened?

Did you ever get some information on what finally happened?

To the best of my current knowledge, there was a domestic disturbance in the apartment building last night between a male resident and his girlfriend. Measures are being taken to evict the male resident. This comes from the building manager.

Details we've gathered on our own:
- The body patterns look most like someone's hand was bloody (probably from a bloody nose) and that's what got smeared across the walls and stairwell.
- The building manager arrived this afternoon and went to the apartment across the hall from us, so it's pretty sure that they house the guilty party.
- Across the hall is a group of two men and a woman.
- Last night, I swear I heard a woman's voice yell "So you're sleeping with both of them?"

That's all we got for now, and probably won't get much more, as the details, quite honestly, aren't our business.

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