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The Dime
I just had a file e-mailing to me. It is in "Work Perfect 10". Anyone have any clue what that is? I have no idea how to view it.

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Oh, that's prolly WorD Perfect. Word ought to be able to view it ok.

You're sure the file is legit right? If not delete it. Otherwise, i probably is a Word Perfect file which Microsoft Works has and Microsoft Word should be able to open it. If not try opening it with Word Pad for a pc or TextEdit for a Mac. Formatting may be off, but you should be able to read the content at least.

That's what I was thinking...

Well, I've managed to open it with WordPad, but it's still mostly a bunch of garbage. Word won't open it, because it needs a special update which I do not have. Oh well, thanks for the advice, everyone.

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