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A few dream thoughts
The Dime
It was a heavily-gamer-influenced bout of dreams last night. A few of the highlights:

- Apparently, 'we' (some group I was a part of) decided it would be great for the kids of this elementary/middle school if we involved them all in some strange, medieval setting LARP. Eventually the kids all just morphed into the cast of Miss Nelson, and surprise surprise, I had troubles not smacking some of them in my dreams too.

- Somewhere along the way, a video game started, and the prologue involved a dog-like creature finding the main character on a road and bringing him to say his mistress from danger. What type of danger, you may ask? Well, it seems that when she gets upset/nervous/frightened, she has a tendency to shape-shift and she was stuck in her current form: she had changed herself into an old chapel. This remains wicked cool to me.

- Further down the road, and I am a vampire. Nothing particularly vampric about me except that I know I am, I'm desperately trying to get it on with Spike, and I've been cursed. Of course. I am wearing a mask of black and gold, fashioned by Damascus the Smith, and I cannot remove it. I tear away at it and it won't come away. I'm howling in rage.

Contrary to what I would suppose the normal reaction to be, I think I need more gaming/writing to qualm the dreams.

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Gamers...some may say we have no life, but by God, we have the best dreams!

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