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A challenge
Write a short story inspired by, but not necessarily containing or directly relating to, the following three bits of information:

1. The old definition of 'dawn' was the time when a black thread could be distinguished from a white thread.
2. An object is said to be 'chiral' if it differs from its own mirror image.
3. 50% to 90% of the world's languages are predicted to disappear within the next century.

I figure giving myself a little challenge might spark something, and making it public may motivate me more.

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If you consider this a "little challenge", your next assignment is to write a sestina about the last day of your life, where three of your words are godzilla, jello, and bluebird.

Re: Beauty, guv'nor!

Lord knows I'm now very tempted by this challenge as well.

"old definition"? I'm only aware of this in the context of Ramadan.

It's a traditional method, versus the current definitions:

Civil dawn - sun at 6 degrees below the horizon in the morning.
Nautical dawn - sun at 12 degrees.
Astronomical dawn - sun at 18 degrees.

But where else was the traditional definition used?

The place where I got that information from didn't state there the definition came from, so I went on a little web-cavating. I could not find any reference to that information except from the Qur'an. So, in fact, the 'traditional definition' may very well still be implemented by modern religious communities. I apologize for having incomplete information.

I was just curious as to whether that particular definition had in fact been used elsewhere.

Gak, sorry. Was a bit embarassed about half-assing that information, and I got a little defensive... deepest sorriness!

Understood. I get defensive too.

Sometimes way too much.

You were not way too much.

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