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She named herself Gutterleaf, and made herself Duchess of a realm by the same name. It was an impossibly large domain, completely overlooked; one could travel from border to border in a single step. Walking in her world took tight-rope skills. Within that armlength's of a world, though, she was absolute queen. No one before her had thought to lay claim to these lands, where old water ran slowly between sidewalk and street. No one thought much of it. So her word became law, and her treasury grew on dropped pennies and exstinguished cigarette butts.

The other lords of the cities overlooked her at first; she was just another upstart girl with soot under her eyes. At least she had the decency to lay claim to something no one wanted. Let her have the spent flowers and the winter salt. She was harmless.

That was until they realized more than just lost change falls her way. They looked about with rising panic, and saw that she was everywhere. She connected cities on opposite sides of the globe. A duchy one could leap over, but oh what if one didn't leap far enough? Like lightening it passed through all the nobles of the world; a deep fear that they fashioned into a prayer. They prayed she truly was a little mad girl just clutching at straws, and not fully aware of the power she had seized.

Gutterleaf asked for nothing, turned away all envoys without answer, except for the ones she never returned. And so the grand nobles of the cities, in all their politicks and wars, are all equally afraid to step over the gutter.

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Do I ever tell you that I miss you?

I do, you know.

That means worlds to me.

Lots of little worlds?

Like drops of water gathered into a river.

What is your schedule, lovely? I should hunt you down and hang out with you at some point.

For now, only Mondays and Tuesdays with nothing to do. A few day shows here, a few night shows there, and my time is eaten up in pieces, leaving too many crusts.

Leave those crumbs out and you'll attract birds like me. Where are you living these days? Somewhere in uptown, yes? I'm near Nicollet almost daily.

Across the street and down a block from St. Sabrina's.

Oooh . . . I like it.


Winter salt takes me back to Minnesota.

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