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Mountains out of molehills
The Dime
So there's this little issue with Miss Nelson. Maybe it's not a huge deal, maybe it is; either way, I'm sure the reason I'm not letting go of it is immature, but anyways...

Myself, as ASM, and the half-time sound board op are both not listed in the program. She is not because, as the SM explained to her, "We just didn't have time once we found out you were doing it." The other half of the sound board team is listed. Why am I not in the program? I don't know. I was offered and accepted this position last summer. I haven't said anything about it, cause I don't want to seem that petty, but neither has anyone in authority said anything to me about it. I was just about ready to let go.

Last night, they had the lobby display up, with a picture of me and the SM. The caption mislabeled me as Chris Morris, sound board operator.

So, it's irked me quite a bit. It's not that I feel disrespected so much as unrespected. I'm not sure at all how to handle this situation, or even if I should. It's very likely the best thing to do is just forget about it; a very difficult thing for me. Anyone have any advice?

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I think asking to get the picture caption right would be reasonable. Being kinda cheerful/amused when talking about it (as opposed to pissy and dramaqueen, which I don't think you'd be anyway) might help.

I agree. If you approach the incorrect caption with an air of letting them know about an honest mistake it might be easier - for you and for them. Then, judging by their reaction to that oversight, you might want to bring up the program omission.

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