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Mixed blessing
The Dime
Yesterday, I completed a four day run of "wake-up, go to work, go to second work, go home, sleep, repeat". I know that plenty of theater professionals do that on a weekly basis, so I tried my hardest not to complain, not to over-hype the fact that I was doing it, to just get through it and accept it as necessary. Still, I have a small amount of pride that I did it. I would have had a fifth day, but the office temp job wrapped up early. Mixed blessing that, because it means I have the morning and afternoon off, but it also means no moneys for today.

And of course, today is the worst day of the week to have off from the office job, because now the Boy and I have completely opposite schedules, so it's yet another day where we see little to nothing of each other. And even though it's his weekend off, I have four shows. Damn conspiracy, that's what it is!

By the way, where the fuck is my seven-inches-of-snow type Minnesota winter?

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I think it's been delayed over Canada. Darn border security.

Damn Canadians. They think they're so cool with their 'the-world-thinks-less-negatively-of-us-than-the-USA' attitude.

No kidding!

We should invade them.

I stole your snow today!

I see... I take it this is a ransom situation? What are your terms?

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