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From Pooh to Nelson
The Dime
Tonight I began my run as ASM for Miss Nelson is Missing at Stages Theater Company. It's odd to be back in a different capacity. It's the same building, but nothing else is the same for me. It's not even like slipping into Kristie's role (the ASM for Pooh), because the show is different, the cast is different, the pre-show schedule will be different. It's all gonna have to grow from the ground up. And faced with 8 early teen-aged girls in the cast, I had my first real pangs of sadness that I don't have the cast of Winnie the Pooh any more. They were good kids, we got along well. I am very nervous about this cast, and that's unfortunate, because I'm going to have to be even closer to this one than the previous one.

Of course, that's after just one night of rehearsal. It could all change by the time we open, and most definately will as the run progresses. And yet again, I'll be in that situation of not knowing how open I should be about myself; mainly that whole "I have a boyfriend" thing. Adult actors, fine, they should know that The Gays are all over theater. Child actors? More difficult area to navigate. Oh well.

I also missed my sound booth for half a second. Seeing someone else sitting there brought a small tear to my eye. Then they called for the first mic check, and the tear disappeared.