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The Dime
Dear Creator Being,

We give humble thanks unto you for your glorious gift of new Battlestar Galactica episodes. May your bounty continue to bless us and our impure, mortal Friday Nights. (Saturday Mornings for those of us of the church of DVR)


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Is it awesome? Claire and I are gonna check out the first season through netflix...

It's my kind of sci-fi all the way. It's not about the science. It's about the politics, the religion, the philosophy, the war, the tactics, the humanity, the relationships. It just happens to be sci-fi as well.

aw dammit! i thought it wasn't supposed to start up again till i got back to madison on the 14th! you mean i'm already behind again?

Yes, yes you are... and if you won't be to a TV with cable by this Friday, you'll be two episodes behind! Oh, the Catholic Guilt!

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