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An interesting day of bullet points
The Dime
- Got over last night's bitterness pretty quickly. Amazing what a little TiVo'd Project Runway can do for me. Nick and Chloe will be in the top three (early prediction I know) and while I'm rooting big for Diana, I just don't think she's got the fire to make it far enough.

- Retracted my loathing of all sunlight during this time of year. The new exception: Early dawn-light that creeps up from the east, hits the windows of the buildings across the street, and makes the sunrise seem like it's coming from the west.

- I was accidentally 'outed' today by the ASM to the cast of Winnie-the-Pooh. A few of the immediate reactions from the 13 year old girls kinda hurt, so I just exited the scene calmly. Didn't take it personally, just strangely cut by it. I have been purposefully avoiding that part of my life with the cast, just because it's not something that's crucial for them to know, but something I could easily see some of their parents getting upset about (me talking about gayness more so than me being gay) It's strange that even at 23, roughly 5 years after I "came out", I still have to do it. And it can still not go so well. But a half-an-hour later, and their young, preteen minds were already on something else, and we could move on with our lives.

- With time running out, I'm doubting that I'm gonna finish my goal of all four Suikoden games before Xmas.

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Project Runway fandom-ing

I have to agree with you about Chloe - time needs to tell a little bit more about Nick, I think. I want Diana to succeed because she's so cute, but I'm afraid that her style might be a little bit too gimmicky? And Santino it just a little bit scary, like Jay and Wendy rolled together. Him and Zulema.

I'm glad you're watching it, though. What do you think about the decision to make everyone's model choices stick for the entire show?

Re: Project Runway fandom-ing

Nick seems solid, at least to me, and handles himself well on the runway. Andrae needs to be out soon... he's this season's Star. I agree that Diana might be creating things that are a little too much based around one 'gimmick', but I still like them. Santino needs a big reality-check style bitch slap. There are quite a few "Alexandras" this season... people who are just dancing under the radar so far. Personally, I'd like Guadalupe to start getting a little more notice.

As far as the changes for model selection, it seems unnecessarily complicated and I don't really care for it. But my costume designer friend mentioned that it's a lot easier to design if you already know the model's body fairly well.

Re: Project Runway fandom-ing

I agree with your thinking about the "Alexandras" and Santino - this next episode is going to be killer because he has to do the team thing. I can't figure out what's going on with Andrae - I feel like he just needs to stay calm and focus. It's weird - I feel like this season's talent level is below last year's somehow?

Like your friend below said too, I'm sort of rooting for Daniel from last season. His style is very ready-to-wear, and I like the tailorness of it.


I think Nick, Diana and Santino will be final three (early call). I hate Santino but he is good. I am secretly cheering for Daniel V! I am sad that Raymundo is out even though his Barbie creation was crap.

How did this ASM out you to the lil girls. Don't worry about it. Kids nowadays are very resilient and even accepting in some cases.

Santino's attitude is gonna be a big barrier for him. As far as his work goes? I have to admit that it is good, yet I still don't like it. It's a little too messy for my tastes, even if it is a couture messy.

The ASM just told me I could bring my boyfriend to her wedding if I wanted. (She got bullied into inviting the entire cast and crew by the same 13-year old girls) I'm not worried now that the outing will have an adverse effect on my relationship with the cast. It just hurt initially, and was something I wasn't looking forward to dealing with. Done is done, though.

Re: PR2

"couture messy" I like that phrase.

Never stress about being who you are.

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