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Humanity is a Wasteland
The Dime
To put it quite bluntly and bitterly, my Stage Manager at the moment is completely useless. She shows up 15 minutes after ASM and crew (and a couple actors) and didn't attempt to call anyone, but that's just disrespectful; it's not detrimental to the flow of the show, because she doesn't do jack shit until house opens, and then it's just to tell me to play house music. And telling me over headset about how she was so bitter about coming in today, but now seeing the show again, she could watch it forever? I'm so close to telling her she needs to cut the chatter over headset because I'm trying to mix eight live mics, two CDs and a mini-disc while she oohs and ahs over the characters from Winnie the Pooh.

But in the end, I'm no better, because when she asks if I want a ride home, I always say yes, and that makes me a hypocrite.


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