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The Dime
I greatly dislike sunlight on days like today. And by 'days like today', I mean from November 1st until around March 15th. It can trickle and play among the Semptember trees, and make its solemn, final march through October evenings. But come this time of year, I want it cloudy and gray all the time. This light makes me sick, the angle, the color, the vanity and lack of life.

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*knowing nod of solidarity*

I hear you. I've actually gone to the lengths of wearing hankerchiefs and stuff to attempt to block out the light when I'm doing things.

You'd think we were trying to give ourselves Seasonal Affective Disorder.

i'm the only person in my nuclear family who doesn't have seasonal affect.
daylight is best enjoyed with a sunrise at the end of your day.
left to my own cicadian rhythms, i'm nocturnal.

22 hours of darkness and 2 of light, friend.

Hmmm...I prefer the sunlight-slated-out-by-clouds look this time of year. No sparkling light, not even a bright disk in the sky. Just clouds, but at the same time plenty of light.

Got your package today too. Thank you muchly!

Gray, diffuse, gentle light is ok, through heavy clouds. The sun just seems so cold and dead, I don't want to face it.

I hope the package is of some good for you.

I do say, I prefer clouds to blinding sun...but there are those days, after a heavy snow, when the trees and all other matter are lined with snow and the sky is a perfect blue...at least in my hometown, the river and ravine make this an awesome site as well. But it rarely happens. Perhaps once a year, so I can let go of the sun for a purplish grey hued sky.

Re: 13 days and counting

The blue sky of winter is too harsh for me, the gold of sunrise and the copper of sunset too much like ghosts. I want to be wrapped in dark blankets and mourn with the rest of the world.

P.S. Raspberries are better than strawberries.

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