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Holiday Cry for Help
The Dime
Many of you do not know my father. He is Unique. He seems to have made it his mission in life to cling to Dying Trends as well as reviving Dead Trends, solely to fit his own desires. One case in point; he has a pair of collapsable "Teddy Rosevelt" glasses that serve as his reading glasses, and wears them hooked over a pin he attaches to his shirts. Who does that? The answer, of course, is my father. He is Unique.

Now, no ordinary belt will do for my father. Oh no! He has to be Unique. He has two Russian/Soviet military buckles that he wears. The leather belts wear out over time, and then he needs new ones. But where the hell does one find:

Brown Leather Belt, 45" long, 1 3/4" wide, with no buckle and no holes punched

The buckles aren't for punched-holes, but loops and hooks and such. Basically, I guess it's just a nice piece of leather.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I'd look for the vendors from the Renn Fest and call some of them. At least some of them would probably do a custom order and ship it to you, on fairly short notice. There's a list (that wouldn't link because the Renn Fest's website uses frames) under cast/artisans on their website. I know http://www.lavigneleather.com/ from school, and they'd probably make something like that for you.

I second that. RenFest leather workers were selling belts sans buckles of all lengths, sizes and colors. Surely someone among them could help you.

Check out--it's either LL Bean or Lands' End--they cut most things to order and you can specify where you want the holes punched, so I'd assume you could specify none.

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