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The Dime
I know that I have been very free and lazy this past week. I should be grateful that I have a job that will give me four days off before I need to get back to work. But looking outside, seeing this white peace, wanting to quietly love it... it makes me wish I just had today. Just today.

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You are made of silver, and it is a passionate Now.

There are many things that can be mistaken for silver.

You are not one of them, Winterborn.

Summerborn, actually, of gold that I rarely feel, especially now.

That is what dreams behind your words, words that for a moment cannot lie. You understand Winter, or at least you did, once upon a time.

Is it wrong to wish for snowfall solitude again? That sweet loneliness of early, long nights shared between me and my peppermint mind?

No fault in wishes, so long as you remember what wishes are, and know that you may only get one.

Then I wish I was more than what lies on the surface.

What keen eyes you must think the world has! Praise that most likely is undeserved.

The World is more than deserving.

Then why wish for Solitude?

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