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The Dime
Before Set was hated, before Set was cruel. Before he was the father to Anubis and the murderer of Osiris. Before they took away his power and overwhelmed his people, Set was the the God of the Desert. Nepthys, mourning Goddess of Air, was his counterpart and wife, but his lover was Ash, the God of the oases.

And so did I come to learn of this distant God, and came to love him too.

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More of a fan of Bast (Bastet)...
The Cat-headed goddess of love, sex and fertility. Like the ferocious war goddess Sekhmet, Bastet was originally a lioness deity, but from c.900BC she began to be represented as a cat, perhaps because of her gentler nature. She was sometimes depicted with kittens, which symbolized her role as a fertility deity. Mummified cats were often buried near her shrines.

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