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The Dime
I'm gonna try and drag the Boy (and maybe Amulet as well) to see MirrorMask at the Lagoon tonight. This will make 2 must-see movies down, with only one to go.

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Did you see the movie? Did you like it? I want to see it!

Simply put, brilliant. See it, SEE IT, SEE IT Even my Boy was blown away, and he's not usually impressed by things of this aesthetic. Visually, it is unbelievable, and everything has such a texture, so much like David Kean's artwork. Storywise, it's Neil Gaiman baby!

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Corpse Bride, the Tim Burton film which I saw a few weeks ago. As for the third, the one I haven't seen yet... I know a few people online here will yell at me for this... but I haven't yet seen Serenity, Joss Whedon's great new film and the finalization of my trifecta of brilliance. (Joss, Tim, Neil)

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