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The Willow/Kaylee Affect
The Dime
It seems that Joss Whedon has confirmed, separately, that the quickest way to an audience's heart is to put the sweet, brainy girl in danger. Willow for Buffy, and Kaylee for Firefly. I don't do a lot of Buffy/Firefly comparisons, but that one was pretty clear to me from the get go.

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Good comparison. The main reason victims in slasher flicks are primarily women is because the audience is more affected by it than if the victim is male. Nudity also adds to the feeling of defenselessness/vulnerability which is part of why they are often naked when they get stabbed.

I think that, more obviously, the rule is "put the hot one in danger".

That probably said more about me than you wanted to know.

Everyone on that ship is hot. Seriously, not one member of that crew hails from the Ugly Planets. The hot one doesn't narrow it down.

Unless you find Kaylee of superior hotness. In that case: Ha ha. Doc likes geek chicks. How strange.

I just smashed a centipede. Fuuuuuck those are unpleasant. My wall's going to have so many weird smudges if they don't completely go away.


My enjoyment of the movie for Firefly is lessened when I compair it to his other works.

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