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This weekend
The Dime

The First Truly Indepedantly Planned Vacation
plus some other stuff
By Me

The boy and I got out of the apartment on-time (a first for us), and headed out to Nordeast Mpls to pick up Angel and Druidess. Once all gathered, we load up Boy's car and start out for Alexandria to begin our vacation. Very little planned, just a three-day weekend up north a bit, a hotel room in a place with a pool and a hot tub, and the location of a nice winery. Our first stop was the liquor store, for goods to compliment our already abundant haul. We decided juices and such would be better procured at the grocery store. We encounter the first of the strange occurances of people just staring at us. For no real reason. Two guys, two girls, no one acting overly anything. Odd. We eat at Doolittle's, the place I had my first legal alcoholic drink two years ago. There is white wine in my pasta sauce. Yum.

The rest of the night is slow drinks, swimming, South Park and eventual early sleep. The prospect of no real schedule doesn't seem to equal late nights anymore.

The next day was a Continental PLUS breakfast! We made our own waffles, and endured another set of stares from fellow hotelees, while staring ourselves at the little bichon puppy at one table. Back in the room, we take our rounds at the shower, then head out for Carlos Creek Winery. We sample two wines the good way (swallow, not spit) and then take a tour, on which they give us three more samples. I took this tour two years ago with my parents, but this year I'm much more into the spirits. After the tour, Angel is determined to try every wine on the list, and proceeds to do so. We try to follow as best we can, but the Boy and I can't handle the really dry, like the Port. The Boy ended up getting two bottles of Blueberry Apple wine (one for his mother) and I got two of the Peach Chardonney (one for my parents) The Angel and I become officially buzzed, pronounce the state of being a lightweight one of God's great blessings, and we all go through a large hedge maze.

Dinner at a near abandoned beach party club, and then a couple rounds of inadvertantly-bumper bowling! The Boy perfects the technique of the three-bounce pick-up strike. We are all tired at this point, from our exhausting day of nothing, and head back to the hotel for a half-an-hour nap. We realize we are lacking in our latest addiction (Jolly Joes) and leave for the grocery store again, just for some. More swimming, though again the Boy doesn't join us. Angel, Druidess and I get some philosophical/Mac-ish talk in, and then return to the room, wrinkly and ready for some drinks. The night again does not last as long as previously planned, but we are satisfied.

The next morning, we forgo another free breakfast for an extra hour of sleep, check out and head to Perkins, to suffer yet another bout of staring. Strawberry waffles please! We leave the might city of Alexandria, stop off at the Outlet Malls of Alberville, and meander back to Angel's place, where we all separate. The Boy and I return home happy, sated and tired.

We still manage to get to the Guthrie perfomance of Intimate Apparel which rocks and you should go see it, but it's only open for another week.

All in all, it was a great time, glad it got planned and actually happened. I'll be working hard to recoup financial losses from it, but can't beat just getting away for a weekend with your boyfriend and two best friends.

Of course, today at Stages, I ripped a hole through my jeans all the way to my ass-flesh... but at least I'm working.

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2 points to make...

1. Never heard of a dry Port wine....was it maybe a really aged Tawny Port? Even those are fairly sweet...and

2. You need to post more blog entries with the word "ass-flesh" in them.


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