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The Dime
Friday night, at about 10pm, I recieved a call. Some grad students (of a program I didn't exactly understand) were having their final theater performance the next day, and their techie was flaking out on them. My name had come up because one of the students knew the director of Revolution Cirkus, which I was in last September. So I ended up with a one day gig to learn the light and sound board at El Colegio, and to run tech for their two morning rehearsals and their final hour-and-a-half performance that afternoon. They bought me lunch and paid me a bit of money, which was surprising, cause honestly I was in it for the street cred. Perhaps this is a sign that my freelance theater career is starting to evolve into something livable?

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Good job! :) Gotta love random calls that actually produce more than you thought they would

Here's hoping, ne? Sounds like it was fun and time well spent.


Sometimes, working for the experience and street cred is better than any amount of money you can get. It is all about the connections you make, no matter where you are, that give the hope for future jobs. Looks like your name is getting out there, next stop Broadway.

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