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LJ Interests meme results

  1. caryl churchill:
    British playwright, and author of one of my favorite plays, Cloud 9, a playful romp through feminism, gender, colonialism, sexuality and power.
  2. dime:
    My pen name in high school, under which three poems were published in the Literary Magazine. Loosely from the coin itself, wherein the dime is the small coin, but worth more than the penny or the nickel.
  3. gemini:
    My Sun Sign according to the most popular interpretation of Western Astrology. I am also very much on the cusp of Cancer (an hour and a half away by my calculations) so I use a lot of information between these two signs as a nice way to tied together a lot of my characteristics. Not sure if I believe in astrology or not, but I do strongly identify with Gemini strictly on a personal level.
  4. intrinity:
    The name of the final of four pieces I choreographed for the Spring Dance Concert at Macalester College during my Senior year. I don't believe it's a real word; I combined traits of the words trinity (for the three female dancers of the piece) infinity (for the sense of eternity I tried to put into the dance) and intrinsict (for a kind of pantheistic feel).
  5. masks:
    I've always loved masked, for that transformative power. You are someone else, but still yourself in the back. They are also especially beautiful. When I learned about unhemleich, the uncanny sense of the familiar being not quite right, I new why I loved them. They were faces, but not quite. Mask Improvisation class taught me even more about them, especially how to make them. I have four masks that I made hanging on one of my walls.
  6. neil gaiman:
    I love his work, because it is an interpretation of our modern times that I really relate to: the urban fantasy. It combines mythos and storytelling into a realistic setting, and treats it with a deft intelligence that puts me in awe. First encountered him by reading The Sandman comics (thank you Betsy!) Quickly got American Gods and Neverwhere, both DVD and book. Anxiously awaiting MirrorMask.
  7. rage:
    Somewhere in my junior year of college, I found I had a lot of anger, and no way to express it. I was very much not a person to allow my emotions to surface, because being in control was the 'healthy way to be'. I suddenly had to deal with all this disappointment, wrath, frustration and more. Being in the closet wasn't the whole of that, but helped with the stifled and isolated feeling. So I envisioned an entity (one of six) who was my outlet of hate and pain. He was Rage, a statement of the violent part of my masculinity. He is one that I must respect and hold onto.
  8. snowfall silence:
    When snow is falling, the myriad snowflakes muffle all sound. It's especially true when the wind is dead, and the flakes just fall gentley downward. It happens best, this snowfall silence, later at night; there is no one about to add noise, and the gentle orange glow of streetlights understand the magic better than the sun through clouds.
  9. theater of the oppressed:
    Augosto Boal and the theater of the oppressed; a theoretical style of theater that is anti-colonial in origins, very populist, and has expanded into power dynamics of all social types; anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, anti-capitalist, etc. I worked with this type of theater for my final project in Theater Senior Seminar (when I was a junior). I fell in love with the exercises, stories, theories. I own Games for Actors and Non-actors.
  10. writing:
    The only talent of mine that I have never questioned, never doubted, never grow tired of, and never knew where it came from. My father has repeatedly told me he doesn't understand how I can write, since composing a simple letter is like squeezing blood from a stone for him. I love to write. It is my most well sharpened tool for letting out all the fantasies, stories, images, colors, shapes and emotions inside my head. It is also something I have taken for granted.

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