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The Dime
The current meme that spread throughout our ranks like ebola has exhausted me. I responded to everyone who posted to my own LJ post, but that is all I feel able to do right now. I'm very sorry if you asked a question of me (in your own post or in a comment-thread on mine) and I have not answered it. I just cannot get to it all. If for some reason you are dying for an answer... or maybe not dying, just intensely curious, I can answer you in an e-mail or like method of communication. I just cannot go searching for what I've missed any more.

I did enjoy this immensely, just to say. And I'm very glad that so many were curious about what I had to post. It's probably the largest LJ endevour I've ever been a part of.

In other news, stopped working at Regions' last Friday, start at the Jeune Lune again tomorrow night. Much more in my life, but something always seems to draw me away from writing these days. I just need longer nights.